Join Our Team

Who we are

We are wanderers, restless, positive, and creative. Proud members of a small community. Ready to take on the world, especially after that first sip.

Why we are

Always questioning and the first answer will never suffice.  This is a craft, a lifestyle.  The Japanese call it Bushido and that resonates with us. 

Where you are

At a coffee shop longing to learn how to steam milk and pack espresso. In-between gigs or ready to add some depth to your barista skillset.

How it starts

Come in and feel our vibe, contact us on the social media platform of your choice or email us a resume.  We have a good feeling about you. 

Let's Get Social

Maybe you prefer to check out a few pictures or videos before you stop in to grab a cup of coffee and we don’t mind that at all.  Just out here living. 


16390 Cleveland St, Redmond, WA 98052


(425) 298-0170