Our Story

We participate in this culture and we intend to explore the boundaries. We are on a never ending journey to help you find coffee utopia.  We have been to most of the local coffee spots and we dig a lot of these caffeine havens. We have frequented all of the local chains and have no problem paying homage to the purveyors turned corporate brands. We enter the scene looking to take you a a journey.   

We roast all of our beans a stone’s throw from where the beans are farmed but our process starts well before the bean turns brown, well before the second crack.  We vibe on international flavors and you will find unique brews from different countries around the globe.  But our focus was to bring you something closer, something more limited, a conscious decision to share Hawaii’s famous Kona bean. We visit the Hawaiian farms, put our hands in the soil,  and work with those closest to our city.  Hawaii’s coffee culture is as varied and majestic as the waves that come crashing onto their shores. We are proud to offer pure, uncut, single origin Kona. 

We have always envisioned an unadulterated experience. A sustainable endeavor that was  good for the farmers, memorable for our customers, and a place we were proud to break Notorious’ 4th Commandment. 

We look forward to making the perfect cup for you. 

Our Partners



Some call it the third wave, some call it a cultural zeitgeist, and the rest just need their brain to wander with a little more direction.  If you take pride in your coffee then you should come grab a few pounds of beans for the Chemex at home.  If you are just looking for some mood enhancement you may as well sip the purest. The farms we work with are 100% sustainable + organic.  We have taken the time to match the core tenants of these farms with all of the ingredients in our shop.  From our dairy and non-dairy options, to our sweeteners, and our pastries.  We also seek out local partners on a similar frequency.  For over 20 years our pastry partner, Essential Baking Company, has been captivating local taste buds.  We think you will like what they are cooking up but take a look for yourself.